Established nearly a decade ago by Jacqui and Nickos Itopoulos, later joined by Craig Storkey, the Quintessential Food & Beverage Group has been a proudly family-run institution, steeped in over a 100 years of collective hospitality experience.

Starting with the first Olive & Oil in Umhlanga in 2005, followed by exoanding the family to atasca in 2012, the Quintessential Food & Beverage Group has grown, in sales and in restaurants, into a proudly-KZN family of nine establishments, including four atasca restaurants, four Olive & Oil restaurants and the signature bistro-style O&O Café.

The families are passionately involved in the daily operations of the restaurants and continually strive to ensure that this love for friendship and family, for people, remains the driving force behind the Quintessential Food & Beverage Group experience.


Quality has no substitute.

The intrinsically Mediterranean-inspired menus, carefully developed by Jacqui, have their formative inspiration drawn from a quaint village on an island in the Aegean sea, where the Itopolous family has its roots. The use of fresh, seasonally-available ingredients and the cultural philosophy of social dining, remain the key factors behind Jacqui’s carefully considered and personally crafted dishes. The authentic recipes and original sauces, both inhereted by the atasca legacy, and crafted at Olive & Oil, form robust, hearty dishes that imbue Guests with a sense of nostalgia and comfort.

The pivotal philosophy behind each Quintessential Food & Beverage Group restaurant is that of serving comfortable food made exceptionally well by nice people. The ethos that underpins it is that of food, fun and family. Whilst the market is faced with fast food or fast-casual affairs for families, the niche cornered by the Quintessential Food & Beverage Group is that of a full table service family restaurant, where food can be enjoyed at leisure and the whole family is welcome.

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Focused on providing an excellent experience for our family, both in our restaurants and beyond.

The Quintessential Home Hub

The heart of the Quintessential Food & Beverage Group, based in Westville, offers a one-stop distribution centre and central kitchen. Meat is house-aged and food and ingredients are prepared fresh and delivered daily. This convenient and efficient setup allows the Quintessential Food & Beverage Group to provide great service, the capacity to serve great value food at an optimal food cost, and, in turn satisfies appetites while generating high-volume sales.

The Quintessential Home Hub Support

To ensure success, the Quintessential Food & Beverage Group is committed to offering comprehensive support, training and development to potential franchisees and their teams. Understanding the family-focused business from the ground-up is key, and inspiring managers and team members to embrace the philosophy is an intrinsic part of the process.

The Quintessential Food & Beverage Group is driven by integrity, teamwork, passion and an unwavering commitment to making sure every guest has an exceptional dining experience.


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